A Little Too Late

The stack of papers on Trinn’s desk had become so thick she wondered if anyone would ever care to read her book. But that didn’t matter. As a scholar, it was her duty to document knowledge.

She put the quill down and stretched. Her head felt heavy after the sleepless night before. But the book was toward its end, and she wanted to finish it today. Her greatest publication. Her only publication. Once done, she’d be able to go back to her own project for a while, until she was assigned to something new.

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The High Lady (Part 2)

The high lady seemed rather surprised to have heard her speak at all. Bardia kept glancing back and forth at the two of them.

“Who do you think I am?” said Lady Azar. “Tell me what you think of me, would you?”

Sarian shook her head, unwilling to answer. “High lady… please…”

“Don’t worry, Sarian, nobody is going to harm you. You can speak your mind. I just want to know where you stand.”

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The High Lady (Part 1)

The walls were not thick enough to muffle the shouting, and Sarian’s efforts to ignore them were in vain. These arguments had become a family tradition ever since Bardia had joined the Marble Palace. Now that the palace and the opposition had both resorted to violence, her family, too, seemed to have lost all sense of restraint.

This has to stop. She smacked the door open, glaring at them. Her father turned around with bulging eyes. “I told you to stay in the room.”

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Halloween Blog Fun

It’s that time again! Time for spooky ghosts, and tales of the dead – and monsters that lurk in the dark!

For this blog, I was tagged by @holliemarie213 on Twitter to participate in a little Q & A for some Halloween fun. Hope you enjoy!

Now let’s get started!

1. Are you a scaredy cat or a horror aficionado?

When I was much younger, I once sketched a monster. In the middle of the night I went to drink some water and, as soon as I switched the light on, I jumped at my own drawing! The same night I imagined it rising from under my bed. It actually materialized in front of me. I had to fold the drawing and stow it away to avoid further trauma. So, I would say yes, there are things that scare me.

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Swords and Circumbinary Planets!

One of the things I like about writing is that it takes you to domains you wouldn’t normally visit. During my research for my WIP, I came across many subjects, including sword fight, anatomy, medicine, geology, etc. One of the subjects I’d never imagined I would touch was astronomy. I’d always pegged space as a subject for the science fiction genre, and not fantasy.

It all started when I decided to place a second Sun in the sky. This sun needed to be dark and “demoralizing deep orange”. My MC would wake up every day to a bright orb and its dark companion. The people of my world would hold one as a metaphor for life, light, and happiness, and the other for darkness and evil. So far everything was poetic. Then popped the famous question: Was it realistic? And this question branched into others.

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Coughing Up Blood

This post involves blood and death in a rather descriptive way, so continue reading only if you have the stomach.

My current WIP is set in war, and it inherently entails lots of death. This encouraged me to do some research in this area, morbid as it is, to find out how to end a character’s life in a way that is not cheesy.

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Hero’s Journey in Short Stories

Today I came by an article by accident, and I thought it was worth sharing. It describes the structures used in short stories, and how they correspond to the Hero’s Journey. The main article is definitely worth the read, but here are a few points I took home, and I’ll share with you:

  • Short stories tend to have parts of the structure pared down.
  • It is important that the steps “take place” in the context of the story.
  • It isn’t necessary to show each step (in detail).

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