The Erkenblood

Born to destroy, raised to love, condemned to choose.

For Panthea, every breath she draws in the Southern Kingdom is an act of repression. Her faith in her goddess keeps her from sin. Her guardian, Rassus, keeps her safe. And a powerful drug keeps her deadly power in check. Yet, none can change what she is: Panthea is an Erkenblood, and her power will always be one misstep away from turning her into a mindless killer.

But for now, her drugs are enough. Her guardian is enough. Her prayers are enough.

Until they aren’t.

When the Queen’s Inquisition raids her home in search of an ancient artifact, Rassus is hauled away, and Panthea finds herself thrust into the center of a bloody conflict with evil on both sides. Can she save the man who raised and protected her without becoming the monster the whole kingdom fears she is? Or will Panthea unleash her darkness… and sacrifice her soul in the process?

The Erkenblood is a fast-paced, action-packed story of dark magic, familial love, and impossible choices.

The Erkenblood contains themes involving blood, death, grief, and moderately graphic violence. It also has a moderate amount of strong language.